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The Workhorses

Front-end Developer: Fikri Yaakob
Back-end Developer: Amirul Suhaimin


  1. Tight Timelines
    The initial launch of CIP 300 was alarmed with a hefty restriction of time, as a pre-planned one year period of development was shortened to only 6 months of work due to scheduling conflicts. The transformation of CIP Ignite in 2020 was also bombarded with tight timeline issues due to the pandemic.
  2. CIP Ignite Transformation
    As the years went by, we agreed that a transformation was needed to revise the system with new contemporary technologies and a new approach. However, this transformation was not as easy as we thought and we had to resort to developing a whole new system which again took its toll on our timeline.
  3. Covid_19 Pandemic
    The main issue in the working industry during the pandemic-dreaden era was communication. Same goes during our development of CIP Ignite in 2020. 

The Game Plan

The main objective for our collaboration with Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd was to help them in revamping their system and developing a new standardized Grant Management System. To fully optimize our effort, we had devised the following approach to our strategy:

Users Come First
User experience was one of the most focused areas in our development of the GMS. To give a seamless journey from the very first steps of registration, application, and pitching to the conclusive acts of voting, reporting, and documentation, we managed to construct a user-friendly, easy-to understand and well-organized UX design to the GMS.

The Future is Here
We deployed CIP 300 with some of the latest technology during the time. API based application was integrated to the system to enhance user experience and to prepare the client with a system-ready switch to mobile apps. Both back end and front end of the GMS also utilized the latest framework during the time: angular framework and cakephp. The same technological enhancement was also carried out for the new CIP Ignite.

Content Management and Organization
Some of the unique features in the GMS will surely allow for a smooth sailing for applicants and managements alike. Here are few of the features installed to enhance this experience:

a) Content Editor Optimization
The all-digital journey for applicants started with the utilization of extensive easy-to-use templates for their applications. All the needed data and material are listed down on the templates and all applicants need to do is to put’em there. Any rejection of the applications will also be notified with feedback so that they will be able to try their luck again.

b) Pitching Session
If accepted, the applicants will go through the pitching session. Admins will list down the available sessions and the applicants will be able to pick their choice for their own convenience. 

c) Voting System
All pitching sessions will be concluded with a voting session among the Investment Managers. All voting processes will be handled with auto-calculations to reduce human error.

d) Reporting
All reports and documentations are made easy with all the data and results from the previous sessions. By the end of it, your report will be ready to go. 


Our Accomplishments

  1. All Love, No Hate
    Our highest achievement of all; maintaining a wonderful working relationship with the client. Besides all the challenges faced during this 4 year journey, we have always received great feedback from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd and we are proud to assist them in their path to success.
  2. Timeline Achievement
    If you know, you know. Cramming a one year development into 6 months is tough. To be able to say that it was a success is surely a sweet victory. We optimize versioning control and develop the Agile process model during these periods and of course, the constant support and understanding from the clients are always welcomed.

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