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We believe every project is unique

every project is a blank sheet of paper.

Fikri Ibrahim
Creative Director


We start every project with a blank sheet of paper. Eliminating restriction to give way for potentials. By doing so, we are always able to explore the core of a problem or the untapped potential of a project direction.

At this stage, we are just swimming in the every possibilities in search of a diamond in a rough. We always believe that this stage has a major effect on the project outcome. The findings will also be the guideline for further milestones of any project.

What we hope to get from this exercise is rough data which we will then analyse and compile into meaningful information.

With the information we’ve summarised from our exploration, we will then use it to enlighten ourselves and also the client on the direction to take on the project. We will present the pointers of some elements that may have been overlooked and strategies that can be taken to better serve the project objectives.

The outcome of this stage is a better understanding on the direction of the project and also the marry the strategies with company objectives. Once everything is finalised, whatever we’ve agreed on will be the basic blueprint for the project perusal.



As we believe every project is unique, we have a linear process we use throughout projects. However, in almost all our projects, we have used these processes respectively:

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